Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Entrevista a Adam Bien sobre

Recientemente se han creado iniciativas para impulsar los avances en la plataforma JEE  como son Java EE Guardians ( con el propósito de impulsar la plataforma JEE8 , y en los últimos días  algunas empresas entre las que figuran (Redhat,Payara, IBM,Tomitribe, LJC) se unieron para  MicroProfile (, para promover la implementación de Microservicios dentro de JEE.
En esta oportunidad entreviste por segunda vez a Adam Bien(, sobre algunos aspectos generales de Microprofile.

1. Do you consider that microservices is fundamental to the Java Ecosystem?

In most projects we built “microservices” for several years without knowing the term. Microservices are not fundamental, they are rather natural fit to Java EE.

2. Do you believe that there is a delay in the adoption of microservices?

No. My clients are perfectly happy with Java EE 7 full profile. It is surprisingly lean.
However, monitoring could be even more standardized (beyond JSR-77) and exposed via stock JAX-RS.

Monitoring and other non-functional requirements are not the part of the, but this is just the start.

3. Why does this alliance arise prior to a JCP specification?

Do you mean It is just a pragmatic way to involve community. The goal is to standardize whatever possible with JCP. But we should involve the community first.

4.Will major changes in the use of microservices affect the  develop meant of business applications?
All project driven by actual requirements and not by esoteric architectures should look already surprisingly microservices compliant.

5- Was us your opinion about  Java EE Guardians  and
I did not created Java EE Guardians (JEG). Because of lack of time I’m watching “from outside” what they are doing. IMO The JEG try to explain Oracle that Java EE is important for business. I share their opinion: focusses on a minimal Enterprise Java profile. I’m not sure whether we can officially call it Java EE 8 MicroProfile.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if another Java EE related website is going to be published soon :-)

6. What recommendations  could you give us?

Write 90% business code, focus on domain, forget the fashion. Simplicity wins in long term.

Agradecido a Adam Bien por su tiempo y sus aportes.

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